celebrating the restoration of ¨La Ramona¨ chimney at El Triunfo, La Paz BCS.

celebrating the restoration of ¨La Ramona¨ chimney at El Triunfo, La Paz BCS.

On October 27,2018, thanks to the initiative and collaboration of Corredor Histórico CAREM, A. C., the Ejido El Triunfo, the International Community Foundation and various donors, the inauguration was held celebrating the restoration of chimney “LA RAMONA” in El Trunfo, La Paz BCS, after three years of planning and work by these partners.  “LA RAMONA” is an icon of this community.

This important event was attended by different authorities such as the President of the Municipal of La Paz, Rubén Gregorio Muñoz Alvarez, the Comisariado of the Ejido el Triunfo, Don Pedro Avilés Cota, Anne McEnany, President and CEO of the International Community Foundation, the Executive Director of CAREM, Lilia Marlene Corral and Coordinator, BCS of CAREM, James Honey.  The event was also honored by an official from the Federal Institute of Anthropology and History and various officials from the State Government of Baja California Sur.

The restoration of “LA RAMONA” is a very important first step to revitalize the economic development of El Triunfo, creating a healthier space for the members of the community and its’ visitors that promote alternative and cultural tourism.  Over 100 attendees were joined by some members of the Mesa Directiva of CAREM from Baja California, Dr. Ana Luisa Cintora, Lic. Bertha Caballero Tardaguila, Irma Salgado, Zella R. de Ibáñez and Coordinator, Andres Contreras Camargo to celebrate the years of work to succeed in this restoration project by their organization.

Located in the heart of a region that depends on tourism and its’ beautiful nature, El Triunfo will become a place where both residents and tourists can learn about the History of the region and understand the importance of proposing a model for economic development based on the conservation of the wealth of natural and cultural resources.          


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