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The misión of Santa Maria de los Ángeles is located at an oasis the cochimí Indians called cabujakaamung. The mission was moved here in May of 1767 when the fist site at Calamajué proved unfit because of bad water. Founded on May, 1767, by Jesuit father Victoriano Arnés, the mission was the shortest lived in California as the Jesuit were removed from their missions. In January, 1768 and soon taken back to Europe, the Franciscans, led by Junípero Serra, arrived several months later and built the adobe buildings we see ruins of today. In 1769, the Franciscans had developed their first California mission at san Fernando de Velicatá and found it so superior to Santa María that they reduced Santa María to visita status (a satellite sub-mission).

It’s very difficult to visit the sight due to the rough terrain. The site is under the administration by INAH.


Information: Carlos Chavez, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.


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