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The site of Santo Domingo de la Frontera mission was originally discovered by Franciscans explorations in 1771. In 1775, Fathers Friars Manuel Garcia and Miguel Hidalgo established the mission.  The firs site of the mission was about 5 miles (8 kms) from the Pacific Ocean, north of Bahia de San Quintin. In 1793, the mission was relocated 2.5 (4 kms). further inland for improved water availability. As in the case of other missions, diseases caused the native population to drop and by 1821, the missions, no longer had a permanent priest. Extensive ruins that have been preserved by INAH, and access by a well graded dirt road make a visit to Santo Domingo rewarding. The mission is 5 miles from highway 1, near colonia Vicente Guerrero.

Information: Carlos Chavez, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia.


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