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To close the 100 kilometer gap between san Vicente and san Miguel missions, a new mission was established on April 24,1791 by Dominican padre Jose Loriente and called Santo Tomás de Aquino. the first site, while located next to a grove of oak trees and a running stream, had many mosquitoes, was close to steep for much of the day. In 1794, the mission was moved about a mile (1.5 km) east on a large gentile slope with plenty of sunlight and no mosquitoes, but far from water. A third and final move was made in in 1799of about 4 miles. (6.5 km) to the southeast where both more convenient.

Santo Tomás was the last mission to remain operating in Baja California. The last missionary closed the mission in 1849 and left in disgust when one of his neophytes   sold alter ornaments to a passing 49er a gold prospector bound for Alta California very little adobe survives at the first two sites and just a small wall is still standing need to me El Palomar campground the town of Santo Tomas. No preservation of protection has been done at the three historic locations of Santo Tomas due to the fact that the sites are on private property.

Information: Carlos Chavez, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia.


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