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Corredor Histórico CAREM is a Mexican non-profit association based in Tecate, Baja California. CAREM’s mission is to protect, preserve, and present to the public the historical and cultural heritage of Baja California, Mexico. For over 14 years, CAREM has built partnerships with a variety of people and organizations of the Tecate area and the larger binational region to work toward its mission of historical preservation in Baja California.
Originally established in 1997 to work for the preservation and revitalization of the historical heritage found along the ancient mission trails of Baja California, CAREM has since expanded its objectives to include all historic sites of the state.
Through the dedication of its volunteers, CAREM raises funds to sponsor cultural events and lectures, carry out tours, projects and programs, maintain a growing research library and build the infrastructure needed to carry out all these activities. Beginning in 2008, CAREM began collaborating with community partners to design, build and create the Tecate Community Museum; with the first phase opening in June 2011.
CAREM is a Mexican Civil Association, the equivalent of a US 501 c3 non-profit corporation.

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